MP Leg Worx
MP Leg Worx
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MP Leg Worx

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MP Leg Worx

Say goodbye to Ravens Oil!
No mess, no wastage 
Leg Makeup in a handy Flip Top Dispenser

How to use

  1. Start with a damp/wet sponge and add a small amount (5 cent piece size)
  2. Gently rub into the sponge and squeeze out excess water 
  3. Dab on the area you want coloured starting at the knees and/or hocks and work down - 'scuff' lightly on the hair to transfer the colour
  4. Build the colour as you go


  • Used to highlight and enhance
  • Exceptional colour coverage over any colour hair
  • No Smell
  • Low Irritant
  • Doesn't burn the skin

    How to choose a colour

    • Chestnut is a true red chestnut colour best suitable for use on light to red chestnuts to match scarring or to enhance points on legs
    • Dark Brown is best suited to red- dark livery chestnuts to enhance or where Darkening of leg points is required.
    • Black - best used on dark/black greys, dark brown with black points, bays , blacks etc
    • Light grey - best used on white - silver grey coloured horses where a more subtle grey colour is required to enhance points

    Can be used on the face for a more matte finish for the hunter ring.  Team the product up with MP 'Top 'Gloss to finish the look and add that show ring shine.

    100ml bottle comes with a Flip top lid

    For External Animal Use Only