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Science-based and vet-approved formulation with a unique mix of three flavonoids plus our prebiotic and post-biotic blend. 

All natural MetaboLize® is highly palatable and has a low daily serve of 3-6gm, so for a 400kg pony a 90gm sachet should last around 30 days.

Why choose MetaboLize®?

When diet and exercise aren't enough, and a horse or pony is sensitive to sugar or at risk of laminitis.

MetaboLize® is designed to ensure optimum conditions for the maintenance of metabolic function which in turn may assist in breaking the cycle of obesity, fat lumps, inflammation and laminitis.

For horses and ponies up to 400kg feed one scoop per day. For horses over 400kg, feed two scoops a day.

The supplied scoop holds 3 grams.

Introduce MetaboLize® gradually over 7 days, mixed thoroughly through feed. Always seal the sachet well. If you have questions or concerns do contact us.