Manuka Dressings -10 pack

Manuka Dressings -10 pack

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The Honey Trap Manuka Dressings

Manuka Wound Dressings—a natural and effective solution for wound care. Each pack contains 10 dressings, with each dressing measuring approximately 14cm x 11cm. Crafted with care and commitment to sustainability, these dressings are 100% compostable, offering a eco-friendly choice for your wound care needs.

Key Features:

  1. Compostable and Eco-Friendly: Our Manuka Wound Dressings prioritize sustainability with a 100% compostable design. Made from pure cotton gauze, these dressings are environmentally responsible, ensuring your commitment to both effective wound care and the planet.

  2. Natural Ingredients and 15+ Active Manuka Honey: Crafted from pure cotton gauze, each dressing is hand-coated with a blend of all-natural ingredients and dressed in pure raw 15+ active Manuka honey. This unique formulation combines the healing properties of natural ingredients with the renowned benefits of Manuka honey.

  3. Secure and Non-Stick Design: The dressing is designed to stay securely in place on the wound while allowing you to cover it with your usual wrap. Thanks to its non-stick coating, you can easily remove the dressing several days later without causing damage to the wound, promoting a gentle and pain-free removal process.

  4. Independent Research-Backed:Independent research supports the powerful and long-lasting antibacterial activity of Manuka honey when applied to wounds and broken skin. Clinical studies highlight its effectiveness against a wide variety of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains. Trust in the proven benefits of Manuka honey for your wound healing journey.

Usage Instructions: Apply the Manuka Wound Dressing to the affected area, ensuring it stays securely in place. Cover with your preferred wrap or bandage. When it's time for removal, the non-stick coating ensures easy and gentle removal without causing harm to the wound. Use as directed for optimal wound care.

Choose our Manuka Wound Dressings for a natural, sustainable, and effective solution to wound care. With the powerful antibacterial properties of Manuka honey and the eco-friendly design, these dressings offer a holistic approach to healing. Trust in the research-backed benefits and experience the difference of nature's healing touch with our Manuka Wound Dressings.